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21 Sep


Northside computers

If you have an old phone, now might be a great time to trade it in and help a good cause in the process. Northside Computers in Marshfield is accepting old phones (iPhone 6 or Galaxy s6 and newer) and trading them in for funds, which are then contributed to their student computer refurbishment program.

“Most students in the area have been asked to do some variation of virtual learning this year.  Some simply do not have a machine to use for this, or might have multiple kids in the house competing for the same machine.  So we’ve been able to take machines that would normally be recycled, and get them functioning again to fill this need,” said Miller, adding that in most cases to repair or upgrade these older machines, there is some sort of part needed to get it functioning again.

“Or they might need an add on such as a wifi card or webcam that would require actual money to purchase,” he said. “Through US Cellular, we can trade in old smart phones for cash, and use the proceeds to help this program succeed.

To participate, simply log out of any accounts on your old phone, reset the phone, and drop it off at Northside Computers.

“If you need help resetting the phone, we’re happy to help with that!” said Miller.

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