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25 Mar


computer monitors


Local business Northside Computers is in the process of refurbishing older Desktop PC’s that will be 100% capable of accessing the Internet and completing schoolwork-related activities. These will be offered free-of-charge to anyone needing one. People are also being encouraged to donate old computers that are capable of running Windows 10, which staff will then wipe and make available.

“In the current crisis, people are relying on technology more than ever, and we’re here help as much as we can,” said Jason Miller. “We’re constantly getting computers destined for the recycling bin.  Most of them actually still work, or might have a bad component that can be salvaged out of another decommissioned machine.”

Normally, Northside uses Midwest Computer Recycling, which partners with Opportunity Development Centers, for their recycling needs, but both are currently shut down due to the current crisis.

In situations where a family has access to a Chromebook and other devices for older kids, but might need something for younger kids, Miller wanted to make life a little easier for those families. He encourages anyone with a need to reach out.

“If anyone is in need of a machine, simply call or message our Facebook page,” said Miller. “We prefer you do this ahead of time to make sure we have one refurbished and good to go.  If you’re interested in donating a machine, you can also message or call us.  We’d like the specs of the machine before it’s donated to be sure it can be of use to someone.”

“We’re all in this together, and the more we help each other get thru this, the easier it will be for everyone,” he added. “Please don’t hesitate to ask for help!”

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