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10 Dec


Since 1996, Northside Computers has been serving the technology needs of the Marshfield area. Not only has the technology evolved throughout the years, so has the business itself, most recently undergoing a full remodel of their south Central Ave. storefront.

Their journey to Marshfield’s south side was momentous. A year after establishing their business on the north side of town, the building was completely destroyed by fire and was consequently relocated to downtown Marshfield. Now at 907 S. Central Avenue, Northside provides full PC sales and service, and is also now a US Cellular Authorized Agent.

Like the technology it services, the business continues to update.

“We’ve recently completely remodeled our store; it’s a brand new look!” said Jason Miller, owner. “Our old layout was designed for a smaller variety of phones, and also a larger display area for computers. We simply don’t need to display as much on the computer side anymore, as things have become more mobile.”

The decline in computer space needs mean there was more room for the phone side of the business, which allows Northside to now offer a significantly larger selection of smartphones.

“We were able to reallocate more space to the cellular side of our business,” said Miller. “It’s much easier now to compare phones, and we have a ton more wireless accessories to choose from, including a full array of pop-sockets, vehicle mounts, blue tooth speakers, headsets, battery packs…and more!”

Aside from increased selection, Northside is also now able to process more simultaneous cell phone transactions, which decreases wait times when purchasing a phone. The remodel aligns with Northside’s continued focus on exceptional customer service.

“We live here and have a reputation to uphold — we’re not going to sell a product that isn’t going to perform well,” said Miller. “We understand technology and can help bridge the gap for users.”

Future goals for the business include continued growth and success, as well as to continue adapting to ever-changing technology.

“US Cellular is expanding their footprint in February of 2020 to include Marathon County, which includes towns such as Spencer, Colby, Stratford and more,” said Miller. “We’re hoping people in those areas give us and US Cellular a chance when it comes time for their next cell phones. We’ll also be offering home internet to customers in those areas where options are limited for a decent broadband connection.”

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